As today's business environment evolves at a dizzying rate, generating value is key to sustainably developing your business while proactively engaging the issues facing society.

To this end, it is important not only for a company's CSR department and team, but for all departments and teams company-wide, to voluntarily create a corporate culture of engagement.

At E-Square, we look at all arms of your company, from administrators to project managers to top level executives, to support CSR and Sustainability human resource development.

※At E-Square, we believe people are indispensable to bolstering sustainable business activities and consider a company's employees true "human resources."

Service Offerings

Internal Company Training

We offer CSR and Sustainability training courses for every level and branch of your company.

Lectures and Seminars

We deliver lectures and seminars based on the latest global trends in CSR and Environmental Management.

Development of Teaching Materials and E-Learning

We provide support for the development of a variety of CSR-related e-learning content.

Company Internalization

We offer a wide array of support, based on your particular needs and circumstances, for CSR internal communication and research design and implementation to increase internal company-wide CSR awareness.

Training Program Design

Regardless of level or sector, we organize each component of the required educational content and learning goals and provide support for the formulation of a strategic and systematic CSR educational curriculum.

Sustainable Business Academy
This is a learning space for the businessperson who aims to contribute to society's sustainable development through business. With a wide range of seminars and trainings available, we are ready to discuss your company's needs at any time. For more information, please visit our website.

Service Features

Global CSR and Sustainability Information

We develop content based on the latest global information utilizing our direct network of specialist organizations and domestic and international experts. Our experts are also available for lectures and research.

Approaches to Discover New Possibilities

Considered from a different perspective, the environmental and social challenges that confront society can also be seen as hints at new business opportunities. Once a problem is understood, relevant precedents may be uncovered and a proactive posture established not only with regard to the risk to your company, but also to new business opportunities and discovering your company's strengths.

Foundations for Increasing Consciousness and Creativity

By expressing their ideas in their own words and presenting various perspectives, fellow participants can hold discussions that recognize the various roles and approaches that result in constructive planning. Organizing workshops that generate such lively idea exchanges is our specialty.