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Service Overview
Businesses will have to strategically capture environmental and social changes into business management to create a new corporate value.

E-Square Inc. will examine solutions from two sides, transformation of corporate management and business innovation, through the following five approaches to implement effective CSR/sustainability management=sustainable value creation leading to competitive superiority: Formulation of visions and strategies, Education and Training, Communications, Marketing, and Business Planning.

In addition, E-Square Inc. provides services on the following three critical environmental/social issues: Climate Change/Global Warming; Ecosystem/Biodiversity; BOP Business in developing countries.

Sustainable Value Management(SVM)

To create sustainable value, not only do we provide consulting services to individual companies, but also plan and operate "The Frontier Network(TFN)", "CSR Compass", a navigation tool to assist CSR management, and "Kanseikei", a regional network to transform Japan through environmental businesses.
The Frontier Network(TFN)
A group of Japanese corporations dedicated to pursuing solutions to sustainability and CSR issues from a global perspectives.
CSR Compass
An online navigation tool that provides information on stakeholder trends and best practice examples on CSR activities.
A regional network aimed to transforming Japan through environmental /green businesses.

Carbon Offset Japan
Carbon Offset Japan
Japan's first carbon offset provider aimed to involving companies and citizens.
E-Square Inc. operates Carbon Offset Japan(COJ), a carbon offset provider that first introduced carbon offset programs to both individuals and companies utilizing Certified Emissions Reductions(CERs), carbon credits verified by the United Nations.